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Youth Pastors Coaching

Welcome to the Back 2 God challenge and the Spiritual journey. If you were born and raised here in the United States of America and brought up in a church environment, chances are you’ve been exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and exposed to the great gifts afforded to us through our belief which includes grace and mercy.

However, is it possible that we’ve taken those gifts and extended them even beyond the Word of God which in many ways nullifies it. Is it possible that we’ve become so New Testament driven, that we now have no value or appreciation for the very foundational scriptures (Old Testament) that paved the way for the New Testament?

We are so excited to offer to you lessons from those books of old through exciting videos and weekly devotionals, that will help you to grow spiritually in ways you could not imagine. We’ll also be providing you a links to helpful resources like Journey through the Torah, which will further enhance our studies and help to bring clarity to Gods Word.

I’m so excited to be taking this spiritual journey with you. Are you ready let’s go!!! Join the Challenge today!!!


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