Political Life Tools

Greetings and welcome to the Back 2 God Challenge and our journey toward biblical political Correctness. For many years as a Pastor I was convinced that my responsibility to the members of the church was strictly of the spiritual nature. In other words, I did not adhere to the notion that I indeed had a responsibility for their political guidance.

Today I understand that I had a responsibility to them, as I have a responsibility to you, to provide for you both pertinent information about the political concerns that are happening in our nation and information on perspective candidates. In addition, it’s important for us to encourage you to register to vote and then vote our faith.

Our nation today is in terrible moral decline, however it’s no wonder why that is, we have non-believers running our nation. We cannot expect that politicians who are not Christians would be making decision that represent our faith.

With that in mind we are so excited to offer you to start, two great resources which help you to get Back 2 God in our politics.

    Eagle Forum
    iVoter Guide