Economic Life Tools

When the Back 2 God Movement was launched four years ago, we established the three major areas where we would instruct God’s people to get “Back 2 God”; namely the Spiritual, Social and Political. However, in Gods perfect timing, He connected me to the financial world. It was there that God made very plain to me, we were missing a critical area. Then it became so clear, the financial industry is where satan is doing his greatest work to destroy the people of God and to destroy this country.

God says its time to get “Back 2 God” in our finances and for that reason we are providing you to start with, three resources that will empower you to take full control of your finances and never again allow them to be use for an evil cause.

    God’s Plan for Financial Success
    Screen It – Clean It
    Timothy Plan

Now is the time for us to take back control of our money! Are you ready? let’s Go! Take the Challenge today